Nintendo Results Meeting – Live Briefing


For the folks at Nintendo it is early Thursday morning in Japan and they were sitting in the Nintendo Results Briefing. The briefing goes over how well Nintendo did in all aspects of their games and business overall.

So far these are the details of the Nintendo Results Briefing include:

  • Iwata feels a great responsibility for not reaching forecast target
  • 3DS in Japan on a good track with 3 of the top 5 from Nintendo
  • Animal Crossing on the 3DS has exceeded original plans
  • NA market has been the worst with only 2 Nintendo titles in the top 20 for 3DS and no console titles
  • US sales were -27% versus the Japanese market, while previously 2.5x, blames competitors for aggressively bundling titles in US and Europe.
  • Stated Germany and France 3DS hardware sales were up year on year, the best markets across Europe
  • USA has 5 Nintendo titles in top 20, France 11/20, Germany 10/20, and Spain 11/20
  • UK has been lower, 3DS volumes exceed DS.
  • Overseas 3DS software has not arrived yet to drive sales up, 3DS is leading platform in Japan.
  • Wii U value proposition not delivered enough to consumers. Selling below costs and no plans to discount the system further.
  • Set minimum 100 billion for next fiscal year, management commitment to eliminate losses per unit
  • Achieve targets in Japan with releases of Monster Hunter 4, Dragon Quest 7, Animal Crossing, Pokemon X/Y
  • Overseas will see release of Fire Emblem, Brain Age, Lego City, Animal Crossing by mid-year. Plus 10 more titles digitally available on 3DS
  • 3DS will see more Japan titles released overseas like Professor Layton
  • Digital sales for Animal Crossing were important.
  • Nintendo wants to collaborate more with 3rd party developers on Wii U
  • Wii U connectivity is 74%, want to enhance GamePad use
  • Google Streetview delayed from end of January to mid February for Japan.
  • Now called Wii Street U powered by Google. Allows users to tour places from their living room and adjust orientation with GamePad
  • R&D for handheld and console brought together. Plans for software to work across both platforms, potential for mid-long term.
  • Wii U have more software to come out from mid year onwards in particular,
  • Miyamato: I am changing my gaming style with Wii U. Developers have not put much uniqueness in games as yet.
  • Iwata: Wii U is part of my life..first time happened
  • Iwata: Not every single game can become cloud offered, hardware won’t become obsolete,we need to think of something new and unexpected in games.
  • Miyamato: Smartphone games are now so functional users become satisfied, our mission is to offer more and hence users buy our systems
  • Miyamato: For consoles I think TV can be more useful in our lives,this is Wii U mission.
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been more successful with more women/girls compared to the DS game where 2/3 were women buyers.
  • When Animal Crossing: New Leaf was launched, 3ds female owners jumped from 25% to 50% and continues at high levels.
  • Iwata: We need to think of better way to communicate asymmetrical gameplay.
  • Miyamoto: I don’t think all games should incorporate asymmetrical.
  • Miyamoto: Concerning Pikmin besides HD, there is no better way to play with 2 screens.
  • Iwata states up until the middle of last year it was difficult to develop for the Wii U for Nintendo and 3rd parties. It will improve over time and they have to overcome this issue.
  • Wii U processor is memory optimized and CPU/GPU are becoming less important. Competitors doing the same.
  • Iwata says digital sales key for growth, but they will not replace packaged retail titles, achieved 11 billion sales in 9 months.
  • Reports about sale of consoles in China, Iwata says “doesn’t see any change” to the situation right now
  • NFC on Wii U, can be used for games with figures/cards working with the game. Nintendo is preparing for that direction and will have more to say by the end of the year.
  • NFC is similar to Felicia in Japan, so studying to use to use NFC for e-money, no change towards dividend policies or returns to shareholders.
  • Iwata: It is my mission to improve and make out platforms solid and achieve 100 billion op, Wii U after summer will see more games to drive sales

The briefing has ended and we have seen quite a bit of news from the meeting, it looks like Nintendo is looking to the future.

Source: David Gibson