Nyko Wii U Power Pak Detailed


Nyko recently released details about its brand new Wii U Power Pak for the GamePad. Nyko states that the Power Pak will triple the GamePads battery life, whilst not being overly bulky. The Power Pak will fit into the GamePads existing battery compartment so there will be nothing poking out.

  • Triple the capacity and play time of the original GamePad
  • Includes mini screwdriver for easy installation
  • Works with the existing Nyko and first party charging solutions
  • Fits entirely into the existing GamePad Battery compartment – no additional bulk
  • CE and EL certified high quality lithium polymer battery

You can check out a more detailed breakdown of the new Power Pak from the Nyko website. The Power Pak retails for $24.99, not a huge price tag for something that could triple your game time.