Otherland MMO Headed to Steam Early Access


Otherland, the dtp Entertainment cyberpunk massively multiplayer online game based off the novels of author Tad Williams isn’t quite as dead as everyone was led to believe. The game was originally planned to release in 2010; and was developed off the Unreal Engine. The IP was sold to DRAGO Entertainment as soon as dtp declared their bankruptcy. Thankfully, DRAGO has everything in order, and will launch the upcoming MMO in Steam Early Access on August 26.

The Otherland developer said:

Despite being in Early Access, Otherland is one of the most advanced titles on the service, a far cry from the Pre-Alpha Versions often put up for sale. Most of the unique features – starting with the eDNA System that allows users to “collect and clone” items and even NPCs up to the Housing and PVP systems – have been fully implemented already.

Other features, such as the extensive Clan Land and Clan War Features are far along in development and will be added soon. Further content updates such as new worlds filled with quests, additional battlegrounds and minigames are planned for the upcoming months; all of these features will be taking community feedback into account. Revenues derived from Early Access will flow right back into development, allowing for additional time to balance, optimize and polish the game before the intended Release in early 2016.

After two closed beta tests we decided against the traditional Open Beta phase and instead opted to go Early Access on Steam because it allows us to better involve the community in the polishing process. We have come a long way since taking on the project nearly two years ago, and as a small independent developer we love to communicate with our community and appreciate their feedback and ideas, as we are determined to make sure that Otherland will not officially launch until it is ready.

Personally, I cannot wait to get my hands on this spectacular MMO when it launches in a few weeks time. Will you be playing it?