Outlast: Whistleblower Details Announced


Not too long ago we reported on some upcoming DLC from developer Red Barrels for their recent survival-horror title Outlast. Today, we receive an official name, Whistleblower, the first art, and some new details on the upcoming content. A perfect way to start your morning.

Red Barrels previously announced the upcoming DLC will feature an all-new storyline as well as a new character. According to their recent release:

You play as a new character, the whistleblower whose anonymous tip sent Miles Upshur to Mount Massive Asylum, in the asylum set before the events of Outlast as you encounter the experiments and abuse that led to the asylum’s downfall.

Whistleblower will be a prequel to the original horror story told in September. Horror is easily the best word to describe Outlast, I have not been so scared of a game in such a long time, it was refreshing.

Those who have not had the chance to play Outlast yet, be sure to pick it up on the Halloween Sale at Steam or on Red Barrels’ website at a 33% discount. Unsure if it is worth it or not? Check out our official review of the game right here.