Ouya Pre-Order Begins


Amazon has started Ouya pre-orders, the innovative new console to play games on your TV. Gamers interested can pre-order the Ouya directly from Amazon for $99.99.

The Ouya will allow players to download games directly to the console, which is about the size of a Rubik’s cube. The Ouya will run on its own version of the Android OS. There has been no mention of an app store for the console, but one could assume there will be.

Not many games have been announced for the system, the product page boasts gamer favorites such as Final Fantasy, and hundreds of other games that have gone unnamed. This doesn’t look great for the system, since the official release is only a few months away, June to be exact. All games available for the new console will be free to try, demos essentially, until you decide to buy the full game.

The Ouya will run on a quad-core Nvidia CPU, and play games via HDMI, this should allow for great graphics from such a small device. Let’s hope it lives up to that. With a lack of game announcements the Ouya must focus attention elsewhere, and they do this in entertainment applications. These will include TuneIn, VEVO, iheartradio, Twitch.tv, XBMC, and Plex, enough to keep fans happy watching movies and videos.

You can pre-order Ouya for $99.99 and another wireless controller for $49.99. The Ouya will be released June 2013.