PlayStation 2 Celebrates Its 13th Birthday!


It’s hard to believe but the PlayStation 2 has become a teenager.  It’s been a long thirteen years and people still recall the feeling of reaching that next-generation, 128-bit, DVD playing system–at that time, all that was a big deal.  While graphically the system doesn’t hold up today, and really didn’t outpace the GameCube or Xbox, it is the best-selling system of all time (selling over 155 million units)!

It had some of the best games (Jak and DaxterRachet and Clank, and God of War) during that generation and for the fact that it was a cheaper DVD player that also acted as a game console made it pretty revolutionary.  It’s normal nowadays for consoles to feature DVD playback–with exception to Nintendo who decided to go proprietary discs; in 2000 most people couldn’t afford DVD players, much like how five years ago people couldn’t afford Blu-ray players (or PlayStation 3 consoles).

While Xbox was trying to promote an entertainment system, Sony made that into an essential part of gaming–forging in our minds that consoles should do more than play games.  Shortly we will head into the next-generation once more and hopefully Sony triumphs unlike the previous generation.  With such a powerful system about to launch, the wait is definitely getting harder.  The PlayStation 4 launches November 15.