Pokemon X and Pokemon Y coming to 3DS in October


During a Nintendo Direct this morning, Satoru Iwata announced the two brand new titles for 3DS; Pokemon X and Pokemon Y to be released later this year in October.

Satoru Iwata started the presentation by going over the history of Pokemon, emphasizing that with each piece of new hardware; Pokemon evolved alongside it. A trailer was then shown of the new games, showing us the new starters and the gorgeous new 3D graphics.

Pokemon X Pokemon Y 3DS

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be released in countries around the world this October for the 3DS. Although there was no reveal of a new Wii U Pokemon game, it can be expected that Nintendo will release a Pokemon Stadium-like game for the Wii U that will link the new games with the Wii U some how. Hopefully we’ll see something at E3.

Pokemon Direct Video: