PokeMon X and Y Impressions: The Adventure So Far…


It’s no surprise to anyone, except for the misinformed, that PokéMon X and released today at midnight (at most locations). It was definitely a slight pain to get my hands on both games but now I have them so how good are they? Well, for now I’ll say that these are the freshest of the entire franchise (excluding Generation 1).

One of the things you’ll notice upon start-up is how clear the music is. Not only is it clearer but it’s also of much higher quality in terms of MIDI files. My ears certainly danced with glee when the opening played. Of course the music isn’t the most important as gameplay is king here.

It’s amazing to finally have control over what my character looks like, whether that be in skin color or clothing items. It’s refreshing and shows that the series is going further. Your character’s movement, on the other hand, took some time to get used to. The 8-directional movement is cool but it feels a little stiff at times. It’s a minor annoyance compared to how the main game plays.

PokéMon battles still follow the same turn-based style but it was interesting to start with a Froakie that off the bat knew a water-type move (none of the starters from the other generations had an attack that belonged to their type). A cool change here is that even if you catch a PokéMon, your PokéMon still gets experience points–something I’ve been praying for!

The story, as of right now, is charming and fun, I especially love that my friends can give me a nickname. I can’t wait to explore this new region and see all the new monsters. Expect a review of both games shortly but as of now they’re impressing me and were well worth the purchase.