Project Eternity – Environment First Look


Project Eternity, the second highest funded game on the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter has some new updates. Developer Obsidian Entertainment has released a video detailing their newest concept work for the upcoming RPG.

There is no gameplay within the new video, but there is enough to get old-school RPG fans excited. The 2D landscape is shown off in great detail, while being narrated by Project Leader Josh Sawyer.

Josh Sawyer stated:

When I’m talking about dynamism, specifically in this demo, the things I’m talking about are – movement within the scene, so things like trees moving and grass moving, which is subtle but makes the area feel a little more alive. Also, things like dynamic water, which also includes the ability to raise and lower water…and…dynamic lighting.

So far everything is looking quite well and immersive, this could be a world fans get drawn into easily.

Project Eternity is a party-based RPG, with players having the ability to keep up to five companions with them at all times. New ones may be recruited when they are discovered within the game world.

The player character will be extremely customizable, with choices in class, race, culture, traits, skills, and appearance. Gamers will create their own back-story through their choices.

Project Eternity will be available for PC when development is finished.

Project Eternity – Update #49 Environment