PS4 May Bring Back PS Vita


The Playstation 4, to be released sometime this holiday season, may breath new life into the Playstation Vita. Here are some reasons why:

Stream PS4 Titles with Gaikai

The PS Vita as it would seem, is going to turn into what can only be described as a PS4 in your pocket. Sony’s most powerful handheld device is now being┬árepositioned in preparation for the new console.

This is in no way just a PR bluster from Fergal Gara; It’s a statement of intent from Sony, a company intent on making the PS Vita a success.

Remote Play, introduced with the PS3/PSP, was a great idea ruined by poor execution. With Gaikai streaming the PS4 and PS Vita have the power to make it work.

Let’s say you take a trip to stay at a relatives house and you don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of packing your new PS4 around. You can just grab your PS Vita and go; Abuse your hosts wifi and start up your favorite PS4 games.

The PS4 was built with Gaikai integration in mind, giving us a promising service taking advantage of both systems and giving the PS Vita access to almost all PS4 titles.

Perfect Screen Resolution Pairing

The handheld gaming community let out a collective groan when the resolution for the PS Vita was only 960×540, smaller than some smartphones. Sony, as it seems, was thinking ahead. The resolution is an exact quarter of 1080p, which is what all PS4 games will be rendered in natively.

This means that when playing PS4 games on the Vita, it will be scaled down perfectly, with no messy conversion issues. Naturally it will lack some of the smaller touches, but it should still look fantastic.

Better than the Wii U?

Playing PS4 games over the internet with your Vita isn’t the only way the two will connect. Some PS3 games, such as Little Big Planet 2, can already use the PS Vita as a second screen. This gives the player access to an exclusive set of levels controlled using the handheld’s touchscreen. More features such as this will surely be in store for us when the PS4 hits the market.