Rain Preorder Offer


For anyone who preorders the game Rain before October 1st will receive the game’s PlayStation 3 Dynamic theme, which can be seen here.

Rain is about a nameless boy who is lost in the rain , and while lost in the rain he sees the silhouette of a young girl. Upon following the young girl  he finds out that he is invisible, just like her, and that he can only be seen when standing in the rain. The young boy also finds out that there are other invisible creatures. He must find a way to the young girl among the world of the invisible and in the pouring rain.

Rain‘s theme song is “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy, but it is arranged by Japanese  composer Yugo Kanno, and is sung by Connie Talbot. She was runner-up winner in Britain’s Got Talent (2007).

Rain will be available on the PSN store on October 1st. For now check out the trailer.