Ravaged DLC Screens and Info


Reverb Publishing and 2 Dawn Games have revealed that their second Ravaged DLC pack is available for free today. This new DLC adds new weapons, vehicles and game modes to the already popular PC shooter.

The Ravaged DLC includes:

  • Two new game modes: Team Deathmatch and Highjack Mode

Team Deathmatch has 32 players spread out across two teams battling it out, pretty classic FPS game mode. Highjack Mode gives players the chance to fight over the new Dump Truck and take out the other team.

  • One new vehicle: Dump Truck – A mobile fortress only seen in Highjack Mode
  • Two new weapons: The Chainsaw and Flamethrower
  • Improved XP – Ravaged displays your Experience Points when you earn them.
  • Reduced Ammo – Players have a reduced access to ammo, making scavenging more important.

Not bad for a free DLC pack from an indie studio, plenty of new toys to play with and new game modes to use them in.

Ravaged is available on Steam for $9.99. Players who purchase will gain access to the first DLC pack as well as this new one. TheĀ  ‘Apocalypse DLC Pack’ which includes the tractor tank, mini-chopper, nail gun, and Dust Bowl map plus more.

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