Redditor Catches GTA V Commercial on Location in Mexico City


Redditor marcodj has just witnessed something very interesting: A commercial for Grand Theft Auto V, which includes explosions, car chases, and a mysterious ‘man in a suit’.  The video was shot over the weekend directly in front of his apartment building, allowing him to take numerous pictures of the commercial while it was in progress. In his description, marcodj writes “The guy in the suit of the last photo exits the totaled car while talking to the camera, as he makes his way out, the car explodes and he walks by the car under the trees while some other effects are set behind him (I managed to see these in a monitor) The shooting took place on Saturday April 20th and lasted until late Sunday.”

Rockstar games has only just previously announced the list of vehicles for upcoming GTAV, however it seems that no game-brands made it into the commercial. “…The totaled car had no brands, the police car also didn’t have any logos on it,” reported marcodj. “There was also an old-Charger-like car that I didn’t managed to get a picture of….the chevy on the 3rd picture wasn’t part of the ad, it was a guy trying to get his car into the garage.”

While I have never lived in a major metropolitan area (which usually gets the most traffic from film crews), every now and then a production will come to Savannah and I like to go check them out. However, I have never had a reception so nice as what marcodj reported from the Rockstar film crew: “…The staff was very open about people walking by and taking pictures. Since the shooting blocked my garage door for quite some time, they offered me to sit in the [tent] where they keep the monitors and watch the end result, they even offered some coffe![sic]”

It’s nice to hear reports about people being nice to others, especially in today’s society when almost everyone seems to be focused on only themselves. “…They were all very nice people, offered the neighbors apologies for all the noise during the night and gave the admins of the building some money for the trouble (around 450USD if my conversion is right, This was in México) so, overall it was a nice experience.”

To see marcodj’s full album of pictures, click here to be taken to his imgur page. Our thanks goes out to his enthusiasm  for we all are anxious to have  any type of Grand Theft Auto V information at our fingertips. Speaking as someone who’s had a preorder for this game since February, I am counting down the days to September.