Returning Character in The Walking Dead: Season 2


Spoilers! Maybe. If you don’t want to know who, apart from Clementine, is returning in the upcoming second season of the Walking Dead game by Telltale Games, then do not look!

Are you not looking? Great! Telltale Games, on their twitter, posted an image of the returning character. It’s…



…Omid! If you’ve played the first season of this stellar series then you may not be too surprised considering Omid was one of very few to survive. As to where his partner Christa is, we can’t be sure, but let’s hope she’s just out of shot.

In the tweet, we also learned that the first of the five episodes will be called ‘All That Remains’ which tells us absolutely nothing. They also re-confirmed that yes, it will be arriving this month. As in December. As in really soon. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’ll be before Christmas, because I really can’t wait.

I hope we get to see more familiar faces; we know that at some point the gang from the ‘400 Days’ DLC will turn up. Hopefully Christa will turn up too, and everybody’s favourite Kenny. No, he didn’t die, you have to believe!

Are you excited for The Walking Dead: Season 2? Are you one of the few who couldn’t care less? Post in the comments below.

Source: Polygon