Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Review


It’s time to set sail all you gamers! With new Stunning visuals, breath-taking environments, and a character far from the generic assassin we’ve seen in previous games, there is no question that Ubisoft developers have really out done themselves this time with Black Flag. The developers of Assassin’s Creed IV are looking to push the limits of the new generation of consoles, says lead designer Jean-Sebastien Decant, and after the disappointment of Assassin’s Creed 3 they are more motivated than ever! Decant does feel that in this regard, Assassin’s Creed IV has done better than other games in the series, pushing the limits of a new gameplay mechanic in the sailing and naval combat aspect of the game. With the series’ long-running apocalypse plot finally concluded and Desmond’s present day ambitions rounded off, Assassin’s Creed 4 is free to tell a tale all of its own and incorporate new characters and environments not native to the Assassin’s Creed titles we have come to know and love.

"Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag","Ubisoft"

Change can be good, and in regards to Black Flag, it’s great! While playing Black Flag it’s almost impossible to just blow through missions and objectives without taking the time to admire your surroundings and fellow pirates working alongside you. From the crisp ocean waves to the deep-sea diving and exploration, the game never fails to impress the eye and give the gamer a sense of true pirating and pillaging while sailing the vast Caribbean. Ubisoft also hasn’t abandoned the on land gameplay but has actually integrated it rather well with a new fast travel menu that gives you the option to either immediately appear at your destination, or choose to navigate through the seas and approach islands as needed. Although the cities and islands aren’t as vast as the previous settings such as Rome and Florence, they are very well designed and each island is unique in its own way. Havana is the ultimate hub where you can find the birth of the world. With vibrant colors and people conversing amongst themselves, It is the most inhabited and diverse area with several side missions scattered throughout where as Nassau, the island inhabited by mainly pirates and poor homeless beggars, isn’t filled with much life and doesn’t seem to be a place where one would go without a loyal crew and maybe some shady motives at hand. Although not every area is the same, it gives the gamer options as to how they want to go about their set forth mission and puts them in a different state of mind each time they set anchor for a new adventure.

Aside from the environment, crazy next gen graphics and gameplay, you are presented a new type of assassin who unlike Ezio, Connor, and the others has more personal and for lack of a better word, selfish motives. Edward Kenway, a young, ruthless, and self motivated badass is definitely a character worth playing. His smug dialogue and selfish attitude makes for exciting cut scenes and amazing plot unfoldings. A man fueled by personal gain and wealth seems to care for no one but himself while at the same time making allies and helping other pirates along the way. He is definitely the series most shady character to date as he is not your generic Assassin who has sworn an oath to protect the innocent and damn the Templars……or has he? Although selfish and greedy, when times of war approach our so-called hero has a change of heart after multiple In devours with other pirates throughout the beautiful free-roam world.


The gameplay is smoother then ever, with a new approach to video game naval combat, and a focus on fighting combinations. Ubisoft has definitely opened the gates for future naval combat games and could very well have revolutionized the gaming industry as we know it. Getting lost in gameplay for hours is easy and cutscenes look as though they are straight out of a movie, which only motivate the gamer to play that much more vigorously! My only complaint is the length of the story and it’s replay value. It seems as though they could have thrown more at us and this was only a tease of what they have to come, but all in all a very beautifully design and very well constructed game that might possibly be the best Assassin’s Creed series to date.