Dementium II HD Review


The interest for a first-person shooter crossbred with a horror game is always an interest that I love seeing come about in the gaming world. Dementium II HD tries to fill this gap in the horror world by giving players a world cloaked in fog and shadow, filled with horrible creatures and only enough ammo to kill a few of them. But does it do what it sets out to well enough to capture our attention for longer periods of time?

I went into Dementium II HD expecting a lot of action, plenty of bullets flying and pickups around every corner. What I got was not that, at least for the most part. There were bullets and health pickups, sure, but they weren’t in very big supply, though the demand wasn’t really there either.

The world in Dementium II HD is reminiscent of a Silent Hill setting. At first everything is fine and normal, the player is set in the real world, but then shadows and fog overcome everything and you are cast into a hellish nightmare filled with monsters set to eat your face. This feels all too familiar, especially for those who have played through the aforementioned series religiously, the similarities are just too close together.

"Dementium II HD","Memetic Games"

What Dementium II HD does do right, however, is capturing that essence of creepy and unknowing that was found in the Silent Hill games. You never know what is around the next corner and you are unsure if you have the means to take it head on. The eerie noises lend this haunting experience a creepy tone that fits perfectly with the monsters before you. While I wasn’t outright terrified to continue forth, I did have a few jump moments that were more shocking than horrific. Think of this game more as a thriller and less of a horror and you will get the idea of what is to come.

Gameplay is a mixture of simple puzzle solving, exploration, and melee and ranged combat. While melee combat feels okay at times, the occasional awkward movement can throw things off. Sometimes when swinging your massive sledgehammer you can altogether miss an enemy, no matter how close they were to the player. Guns are the same, you may miss your shot completely for no reason whatsoever. I encountered a bug throughout the majority of the game as well where my firearm had no sound to it. This makes guns feel even weaker than they already come across as.

"Dementium II HD","Memetic Games"

Enemies aren’t overly difficult to take on, even with the lackluster arsenal at hand. I was able to literally stand in place without moving once and take foes down with ease. During the assault I managed to take one hit against my health bar, which is easily replenished with pickups from my inventory. I fired my weapon until dry, then pulled my makeshift shiv out and began stabbing frantically before me. Monsters dropped like flies after a few hits, a pistol shot to the upper torso does quick wonders as well.

Boss battles are a little more difficult than your everyday monster encounter, albeit not by much. They take a little more brains than brawn, but in the end you can take down the biggest baddie with a little critical thinking and some revolver ammo. I’ve even managed to shiv a boss or two to death while taking minimum amounts of damage to my person. Keep in mind I was playing the game on normal. Those looking for more of a challenge should definitely up the difficulty level immediately, otherwise you won’t be challenged greatly at all.

"Dementium II HD","Memetic Games"

Graphically Dementium II HD is okay. There is nothing special here, though one cannot expect there to be as it is just an updated version of an older game. I have never played the original so I am unable to compare it to that. The looks were reminiscent of the PlayStation 2 era of gaming, however. While not an ugly game, it will not impress those looking for a shiny experience either.

Sound work is just fine here as well, again nothing special. The monsters give off creepy moans and other sounds. As I mentioned before, firearms seems to have an issue with me, they just did not want to let out a bang and be heard. Melee weapons, on the other hand, gave off satisfying thumps and slashes with each thrust and swing.

Overall, Dementium II HD is the kind of game you pick up on sale instead of paying full price. It’s fun for a bit, but nothing something I can see people coming back to after playing a few hours, or completing if you can. The scenery and emotion in the game are the biggest assets here; the gameplay lacks any real substance. Find it for cheap and give it a try for yourself.