LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Review


Now just because a game has LEGO in the title does not mean that it’s “just for kids”, and you should overlook the game. If you have overlooked past LEGO games such Harry Potter, or Star Wars, or even Batman, please don’t do it with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. The LEGO and Marvel universe combine to give everything a fan would want and ask for in a game.


Heroes Unite!!!!!!

Story. The game’s story begins as The Silver Surfer glides among the stars searching for a planet rich with resources for his master Galactus to devour. But then the Silver Surfer crash-lands on earth, and his surfboard is shattered into several pieces (Cosmic Bricks). Now S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury must call upon the Marvel Super Heroes are they must race to find the missing pieces. But things won’t be easy for our heroes, because the evil Dr. Doom knows that the “Cosmic Bricks” contain immense power, and he gets together a band of villains to hunt down the pieces for his own evil plans.

Gameplay. The gameplay style is pretty much the same as past LEGO games, extremely simple button-mashing. But this time around I found that the combat system has been smoothed out a bit, so it is now easier for the player to move between enemies, and to put off combos. Playing the story mission, still follows the same pattern; fight a small wave of enemies, then you build a switch or platform, then you fight another wave of enemies, then you build, then fight yet another wave of enemies,and then the boss fight. (Repeat on next level).  But in the end leaving things the same don’t seem to harm the game at all, it seems to all work well thanks to the LEGO charm and humor, and just like the saying goes ” if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The game has more than 100 playable characters, the list goes on from Ant-Man to Wolverine. Each character has their own unique power and ability. For example The Hulk can throw large objects and can turn into Bruce Banner (at will) to access switches or computers. Wolverine can use his sixth sense ability to locate hidden walls for him to climb. You first start the game with Iron Man and Hulk, and soon after that you’ll encounter everyone’s favorite neighborhood wall crawler Spider-Man, then the Fantastic Four, Avengers, and The X-Men.


“I’m the best at what I do, Bub”

Graphics and Sound. Just like the gameplay the graphics in LEGO Marvel are virtually the same as well. But it’s cool to see the little details that go into every character such as Spider-Man’s webs as he swings around, Wolverines claws, Mr. Fantastic turning into a tea-pot, and even Bruce Banner transforming into the Hulk. The Lego version of New York City looks bright and beautiful, and the Lego version of Asgard was a nice treat to see. LEGO Marvel is the fourth game to have dialogue. Voice actors such as Nolan North, James Arnold Taylor, Steven Blum, Phil LaMarr, Danielle Nicolet, Laura Bailey, Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson, Tara Strong, and John DiMaggio all lend their wonderful voice talents. And even Stan “The Man” Lee who voices himself is in the game.


Behold True Believers. It is I Stan “The Man” Lee

Minor Issues. Two issues I ran into while playing the game. First was the flight controls, it was very confusing. Now for example the button you use to “ascend” is the same button to “accelerate”. Don’t the developers know that an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controller have more than two buttons? Having played the game for hours I still can’t get used to the flight controls. And the second issue I had with the game is the “No Multiplayer” feature. When is LEGO going to learn that playing with someone else online is fun, and it will get more people to play the game if there is multiplayer. Come on LEGO isn’t it time that you finally added a Multiplayer feature.



Overall. Behold True Believers, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is a great game to play. Any gamer could find themselves easily enjoying this game. Even when you finish the campaign which is about 10-12 hours, you’ll find yourself running, driving, or flying around the city, trying to collect the golden brick pieces, heroes, and villains to unlock. LEGO Batman 2 may have set the bar, but LEGO Marvel took it to a whole new different level. Excelsior! (The game was reviewed on PlayStation 3).