State of Decay: Breakdown Review


State of Decay, hands down the best zombie survival game of the year, will receive its first DLC pack this week, Breakdown. Breakdown allows players to take on the entire world of SoD any way they see fit, fully free-roam and all decisions are up to you, the player. This is the game mode fans of the title have been awaiting since launch. So, does it live up to our expectations?

The answer to the above question is yes…very much so. Breakdown does exactly what it advertises and brings about so much more gameplay and fun from an already incredible game. I found myself sitting down to play and losing many hours in a row, eventually foregoing sleep to continue collecting supplies and saving survivors from the trapped homes they found themselves in.
"State of Decay","Undead Labs"
You start off the game with a randomly chosen hero, I found myself playing as a female more often than not. You are given a melee weapon to start and must scavenge for anything better. Your first task? Find a suitable home base to join up with, there are usually a couple of choices for you to decide which is best suited for you. Make your way there and ask the leader to group up, you will then take over and become the overlord of whatever little hovel you have chosen.

Once you have begun your adventure, by finding a home, you are on your own. Feel free to explore the world, killing hundreds of zombies, collecting powerful guns and melee weapons, and growing your safe house with new survivors and new buildings. These will all require supplies, which are detrimental to your survival and daily life.
"State of Decay","Undead Labs"
The overall goal of Breakdown is to see your survivors to safety, this is done by finding an RV and fixing up the engine, quite a simple task and it can be accomplished within twenty minutes of finding said RV. But do you really want to escape with massive open-world filled with the shambling undead and powerful weapons so quickly? The answer is not likely. The gameplay is so simple, yet so addicting.

There is a reason to beat the game eventually, however. When you complete a run through you may start over at the next level. Everything here will be more difficult than the last game. You will gradually increase in difficulty until you really feel like the apocalypse is upon you.
New difficulty not your thing? The more you play the more unique characters and weapons you unlock, allowing even further replayability. Instead of choosing to play as someone random you can choose your character to start as. Or you can just try to get a higher score and boast to your friends.

The only downside is the controls. I found myself having a terrible time with the use of a keyboard and mouse. The game was definitely made for use with an Xbox 360 controller. So I hooked mine up and played so much easier.

I encountered one bug in my entire playthrough, not bad at all. When a horde attacked my home base my survivors would disappear for good. Never to be seen again. They would be listed on my home screen, always showing I had more mouths to feed than I actually did. I am hopeful that Undead Labs will sort this out.

Overall there is plenty to do in Breakdown, enough here that you won’t need to change games every hour due to boredom. Sit down, load up State of Decay, and enjoy killing the throngs of the undead as you save as many survivors as possible before your time finally comes. That time will end with the gnawing of teeth and the ripping of flesh.