The Lickening Review


If you’re in the mood for a short, competitive, and frustrating battle with a nearby friend or if you just need to kill some time before doing something more exciting, The Lickening is definitely the game for you! At first glance there isn’t much to the game. The menu only offers a start tab and a basic options tab from which you can only change the basic controls for movement.

So, right from the jump your limited to pretty much just playing the game. The next screen gives you a list of multiple characters from which you can pick from. Although they are all different and seem to have special abilities surrounding them, they don’t. Each is given an appearance and name…..that’s it. I found this to be a major disappointment as where there’s no real motivation to pick one character over another unless you either really like a certain hair color or you just really like bears.

The menus and start up screens although simple, do offer some stunning visuals and can be quite colorful. So although there isn’t much depth at first glance, and can be quite fun to look at.

"The Lickening"

The game runs on the exact same function as the old school Tron games. Two players start from opposing sides and control a vibrant stream of one color, controlling it and taking it anywhere and everywhere they want. While traveling throughout the 2D area you leave a trail of vibrant colors that act as a wall, and if you hit the wall the round ends giving a point to the other player. Now this may seem simple, but similar to the Tron games in the past you are given a turbo and a slowdown bar that allows you to either speed up or slow down for a short amount of time. This factor alone adds a more strategic feel to the game as where now if your moving faster than your opponent you can trap them in a box, and vice versa.

Other than the simple arrow keys given to each player, there isn’t much more to the game. Gameplay does tend to get repetitive and after three or four rounds you and your friend will be bored. The game also doesn’t seem to have any concept behind it regarding the characters and because of this you’re not able to really get into the game.

"The Lickening"

No doubt about it, this games strong points are definitely its visuals. The bright colors create a really futuristic and beautiful environment to lose yourself in for a short amount of time, and the only reason I found myself playing the game was its addictive nature and overall bright vibrant colors throughout the scenery.

I don’t recommend this game, however, to anyone who isn’t a fan of basic arrow controls and limited abilities and gameplay options. It’s definitely nothing innovative or unique, but for the most part a goofy game sure to get a couple of laughs this Valentine’s day!