The Wolf Among Us: Chapter 1 – Faith Review


After the first chapter I am enthralled in the world of Fables, I have finished the opening sequence in one run and immediately moved to Amazon to pick up the comic. Telltale Games has done it once again, they have taken an already epic and enchanting tale and made it so much more by letting you experience everything first hand, such is the magic of gaming and the world of Fables.

I knew going into The Wolf Among Us that I would love it. Telltale’s previous game, The Walking Dead, is on my list for the greatest games ever created, and with good reason. I am a sucker for a good story and the fine gentlemen at the studio know what they are doing when it comes to that aspect. Characters are rich and detailed, the story isn’t drab in the slightest, and the world is its own character, sucking you in and never letting you go. This is the type of experience you where you feel like you lost your friend after finishing it, just like a good book does to you.

"The Wolf Among Us","Telltale Games"

Players step into the shoes of Sheriff Bigby, otherwise known as the Big Bad Wolf from fairy tale legends. But you aren’t terrorizing the good folk of Fabletown this time around, quite the opposite. As his title would suggest, Bigby is the Sheriff, keeping law and order in a world full of not so normal people, people with secrets and otherworldly powers hiding just under the surface of their fake skin. This job is the catalyst to the story told in The Wolf Among Us.

Chapter 1, entitled “Faith,” sets the story up for you. Giving you just enough to capture your attention and then suck you in faster than an adult club. I don’t want to ruin too much of the story, because it really needs to be played by all, but the main focus is a mysterious girl you meet in the first few minutes. She will be the focal point for the majority of this chapter, your world will revolve around her for the most part.

TWAU plays much the same as The Walking Dead did, with you controlling a character as he explores the world in front of you, making important choices in the game and the dialogue. I hope you are good at reading a situation and a character’s facial expressions, it will come in handy to choose the right option. Though one could argue there is no right option, as the story unfolds differently based on your choices, creating he ultimate replay experience.
"The Wolf Among Us","Telltale Games"
Controls are simple, with the mouse supporting most of your choices and on occasion your movement. The traditional WASD movement is available, but it can be a little clunky. You may want to go in one direction and you may press the correctly corresponding key, but that doesn’t mean Bigby has to like it. Sometimes he just wants to go his own way, so in the end it is easier to select the item you wish to interact with using the mouse and letting the auto-walk take over from there.

Action sequences are where things heat up and the controls fit perfectly for this. Quick-time events will pop up forcing you to think on your feet and be quick on the keyboard, unless you’d like to get hit in the face with an end table. These generally give you enough time to react to the button required, but other times, in the heat of the moment, you will mess up. It happened to me more than once and it will no doubt happen to you. Fear not, this is not a bad thing, it just makes everything a little more interesting.
"The Wolf Among Us","Telltale Games"
Telltale Games has adapted the art direction from The Walking Dead. The similarities can be seen almost immediately, but there is something that sets The Wolf Among Us’s graphics apart. Colors seem to pop out more and draw you in, they are almost trance like. Everything seems a little brighter and at the same time a little darker, if that makes sense. Either way it is a beautiful game.

Sound is another high point, as is everything else within the game. Every character is fully voice-acted, these fine people deserve awards for their performances, especially the main characters like Snow White and Sheriff Bigby. Music is playing for you as well and it fits perfectly, you almost don’t notice it because it goes so well with the environment, but it is there and it is beautiful.

Play it, then play it again. It’s as simple as that and I cannot state it enough, The Wolf Among Us needs to be played by all. Anyone who appreciated incredible characters and a story like none other will find a place in the world of Fabletown. I know I eagerly await the release of Chapter 2, it will most likely drive me crazy until it is released. At least I now have the first comic to keep me busy, and probably soon the second.