Saints Row 4 Still Banned in Australia


By now everyone has heard that Saints Row 4 was banned from sale in Australia by the Classification Review Board. Publisher Koch Media wanted to appeal this decision and have an unedited version of the game released in the country. The Australian Classification Review Board unanimously voted today to uphold the ban, making it illegal to sell Saints Row 4 in the country.

The first time the game was banned was due to implied sexual violence, meaning Alien anal probing, and the use of illicit drugs, which were referred to as “alien narcotics.” Where someone would find “alien narcotics” in real life is beyond me.

This drug use was the biggest reason for the ban, under Australia’s R18+ classification the anal prove weapon was allowable. But the use of illicit drugs was the real problem here. A statement from the review board stated Saints Row 4 “could not be accommodated within the Australia R18+ classification as drug use related to incentives and rewards is not permitted.”

Smoking the ‘alien narcotics’ equips the player with ‘superpowers’, which increase their in-game abilities, allowing them to progress through the mission more easily. During the mission, onscreen prompts guide the player to ‘Go to deal location’ and ‘Get drugs’

Saints Row 4 will be released August 20th in North America for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Source: GameSpot