Saints Row IV – The Return of Johnny Gat


Gat is back! Many fans were left awestruck in Saints Row: The Third when the beloved Saints member, Johnny Gat, lost his life to protect the player. Now this August Gat will return to fight the alien menace in Saints Row IV.

The new game trailer revealing the return of Johnny shows the main character taking a trip through an alien facility. The place is littered with dead bodies, killing by someone other than the player it is assumed. This is when we come upon the naked, goo-soaked form of Johnny Gat dispatching Zin combatants.

From here once can only imagine what kind of insane carnage is about to ensue. With Gat revived and itching to cause some havoc, Saints Row IV is looking a lot better.

Saints Row IV will be released August 20th for the PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360.

Saints Row IV – Gat is Back Trailer