Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Gets Online Multiplayer


After a long time coming, gamers and fans of Scott Pilgrim all over the world can build their own Sex Bob-omb as four-player multiplayer comes online.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game came to us over two years ago as a promotional tie in for the movie of the same name. Set in the comic book setting of the Scott Pilgrim universe, the gameplay was reminiscent of older-school brawlers, such as Streets of Rage or the more recent Castle Crashers, and received due praise. With constant fan and DLC support, the game has managed to stay alive past a point most tie-in games would dream of seeing. The most recent update in keeping the game fresh allows for players to enjoy the four-player combat with others over the Internet.

Playing online comes with a cost of $5 for the new DLC pack, which is available now on both Playstation Network and Xbox Live. Online is not the only feature however, as you also get Scott’s roommate and friend included in the pack as a playable character. It’s not that much bang for your buck considering but if you’re determined to play online and are a fan of the franchise, either in the comic book, movie or game form, I’m sure the price will be pennies compared to the content it contains. Even better if you’re a Playstation Plus owner as you can get the pack for a dollar off, but that deal will only last for the next two weeks.

What do you think of the new DLC? Will you be buying it? Or is it too little content for too high a price? Personally, I think you could argue either way for this one. But, I would like to think the price covers the cost of the new addition and the work that went into it, plus room for profit of course. Then again, I am an idealist.