Seth Rogan is ready to bring 1990’s “Console Wars” to the Silver Screen


The writing team behind Superbad, Seth Rogan and  Evan Goldberg, have decided to set their sights on the 90’s video game industry…

If you forgot, or if you were not born yet… the early 90’s marked the beginning of Vanilla Ice’s haircut, M.C. Hammer’s parachute pants (Can’t touch this), Canada beating the U.S.A. at their National Pastime, and you can’t forget Beverly Hills 90210. But the 90’s also marked the beginning of the intense rivalry between Nintendo and Sega that would, of course, continue for several years.

The “Console Wars” film will be based on the book written by Blake J.Harris, and it will be released on May 13, 2014. The book has over 200 interviews with industry insiders from Nintendo and Sega. The tale is of Sega as a small upstart against Nintendo.

Rogan and Goldberg are slated to write the film, but it is unknown if Rogan will star or if he’ll make an appearance in the film.