Shadowrun Returns Coming June


Harebrained Schemes has announced today that Shadowrun Returns will be released this June. They did not announce a specific day yet, but those looking to receive a $75 Collector’s Edition must pre-order one by April 28th.

After going through a successful Kickstarter campaign, Shadowrun Returns will be released through Steam. Anyone who backed the game will receive a Steam key to activate, players will also have access to the game’s editor through the Steam Workshop application.

Those who prefer not to use Steam will have the opportunity to play Shadowrun Returns as well. Harebrained Schemes will be releasing a DRM-free version of the game through their own website. The downside to this version however is that it will not support user-created content or any future DLC past the Berlin expansion.

Interested fans can pre-order the game through Steam beginning on April 29th, while the Collector’s Edition cutoff is April 28th via the Harebrained Schemes website. This version will cost $75 and come with the Berlin DLC, Shadowrun Returns USB Dog Tags, and a bonus good-will as thanks.

Harebrained Schemes will have a few versions of the game available:

  • Basic – $15 – Steam Key for Shadowrun Returns, Steam Key for Shadowrun Returns Editor.
  • Deluxe – $30 – All Basic content plus a downloadable digital soundtrack and downloadable PDF of Shadowrun Returns Anthology.
  • Collector’s Edition – $74 – All previous content plus the items detailed above.

Shadowrun Returns will be released this June for PC and Mac.