The Sims – 10 Shameful Things We All Did


Now, with news of the Sims 4 on the rise, I could not help but take a look back at all my previous games, the range of Sims fandom I had once adored. Let’s face it, we all loved and played the Sims at once point. It is a fantastic game, a game where you can do anything you want that real life denies you, in a world of quirky llama adoring people who speak gibberish that after a long while of playing, almost seems to make sense.

I loved the game. I played the Sims 1, with a whole range of expansions, from making my character witches to making them bubble their cauldrons in Miami while on holiday. But, then I moved onto the Sims 2, where I could send my sims to University, and see what future lay ahead of me. Apparently streaking and getting high. The Sims 3 was the next big step, where careers were as intricate and complicated as they are in real life, so much so that I almost couldn’t reach the top for the difficulty of it. But, I did, because I loved the game, and I put the effort in, because I wanted to. Shame I didn’t do that at school… ah well.

I know I’m not the only one who played and adored the Sims, judging on its incredible sales rate. And I also know, that I am not the only one to do these hilarious and disturbing things to our sims in game.

1 – We all tried to get abducted by aliens 

It’s true, we did. We waited outside, looking through the telescope for hours! Hours on end! Just waiting for the cut-scene to peek in and have a spaceship hurl us away! It was the most exciting thing! Not for our sims, probably, but for us!


2 – We started an alien family 

Along the same lines, after being abducted, we all tried to make a family of aliens. I mean who wouldn’t want an entirely green alien family? And to make more baby aliens to see if they’d be alien too? It was great fun to see all the different things they could do, and to simply be the coolest family on the street, green skin and all!


3 – We all tried killing our sims by fire 

Don’t deny it. I know you did. Everyone did. How could you resist! I mean, there’s someone new in the family, you can’t get rid of them, so you just built a room full of ovens, wooden chairs and fluffy rugs, put the sim in and remove the door! The fire spread slower than a snail and your sim just stood there, shouting at it, but it was still the funniest thing ever.


4 – We all removed the swimming pool ladders so the sims swam themselves to death

Wow we really are all disturbing murdered when it comes to the Sims games aren’t we? But yes, everyone did this. If you remove the ladders to the pool while the sim is in there, they have no way of getting out, and they will just keep swimming around in distress until their sleep level drops, and they drown from falling asleep. We are disturbing gamers!


5 – We all strived to reach the top career path 

On a lighter, happier note, we did sometimes try and help our sims rather than murder them. Reaching the top of the career tree was the greatest achievement ever, after so long building skills and making friends, you finally got your sim to the top, and well done to you!


6 – We all became vampires 

After a certain expansion in various instalments, it became clear that not all characters were quite… human. Once you saw that one, unusually pale and sharp-toothed looking sim, you knew, and nothing was more important than becoming one of them. It’s a lot of work really, getting the vampire to trust you enough to bite you. But, once you did, it’s as cool as the alien family, but with vampires!


7 – We all spent countless hours building incredible houses

Yes, we did. I can’t imagine how much time I must have spent, intricately designing and building these beautiful and epic houses, choosing each wallpaper and each flooring with such definitive detail, Gok Wan would be jealous. By the end of it, we all had these awe-inspiring houses that our own homes will tragically never compare to.


8 – We all played with making ridiculously ugly sims 

It was the best of fun, character design. You have hundreds of options of choices on what you want your personal sim to look like, you could make him look like Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston, the most beautiful people you wanted! But, why would you do that when you can have even more fun and laughter making them look utterly ridiculous and sending them out into the world!


9 – We all deliberately got into fights 

Yes, we poked and prodded and insulted other sims on purpose, just so that eventually, the “attack” option would become available. And then? Let the dust cloud of doom commence! Who will win? Place your bets!


10 – We all cheated 

How could you not! There were so many available! Cheats that could make you money, cheats that automatically gave you skills, ones that could make you incredibly tall, completely naked, or even plain dead! The moment you hit ctrl, shift, c, the possibilities were endless, and just so unbelievably fun. Make the husband pregnant? Its possible on the Sims!


Well, there you have it, if you didn’t do these top 10 things while playing The Sims, by llama have you missed out! The Sims is a fantastic game where all the things barred from us in real life become possible, it can give us all we want… which is apparently murder, cross-human relations and violence… Gotta love us gamers!