Siren Not Coming To PS4, Mistakes Were Made


I’m so sorry Brandon – you won’t be getting that new Siren game on PS4 that you always wanted. Yes, the rumor that the Siren series was returning with a new game on the PS4 (the original story can be read here) was actually a mistake made by a Romanian press release. Darn those pesky Romanians!

It turns out that the game Rime was what was supposed to be listed, and in fact, Siren was the working title for the game prior to its reveal at Gamescom 2013, which explains where the confusion came from. Sony confirmed this to IGN not long ago.

To add to this, series director Keiichiro Toyama answered someone’s question concerning the game on twitter by basically saying he’s never heard of it. His tweet can be found here.

So sorry to all those who really wanted a new game in the Siren series. The survival horror series has somewhat of a cult following, so here’s hoping that the immense amount of excitement that came after this announcement shows the developers that this game is wanted. Nay, needed.

Feel free to console each other in the comments, maybe we’ll get a support group going for you all.

Source: IGN