Skullgirls first DLC character announced.


Skullgirls developer, Mike Zaimont(MikeZ) from Lab Zero Games, dropped a bombshell on the fighting game community (FGC) with news of the first bit of DLC for the femme fatale casted game. When we can expect the DLC is not certain at this time, but that isn’t putting the breaks on the hype train that this announcement has put into motion.

Squigly, the newest addition to Skullgirls, is the rival for Filia. The two characters, Squigly and Filia, are expected to exchange greetings of familiarity through story mode, text, etc.

Along with her cutesy character type comes a side of her-complete with Kung Fu training and multiple stances that promises she can get serious when necessary. Squigly has a dark past that she plays off with a calm, cool, and collected personality. Our newest beauty also has had a higher classed upbringing, which directly affects the way she moves and speaks. Despite her mouth being sewn shut, Squigly is able to project her voice in a ventriloquist-like fashion.

Although not much is known about Squigly’s companion, who appears to be some sort of small metal dragon like creature. The companion, Leviathan, and Squigly can communicate, but by what means isn’t currently known for sure yet.

Although there isn’t much to be known as far as specifics go, the amount of hype that Squigly has created is very substantial, that both current fans and newcomers alike both share. Keep your eyes peeled for more information about the newest edition to this fantastic game.