Solving Watch Dogs PC Issues Is Ubisoft’s “High Priority”


Watch Dogs launched recently, if you hadn’t heard. Unfortunately, the game launched to a slew of issues, mostly dealing with Ubisoft’s incredibly terrible DRM service, UPlay. Now, Ubisoft has announced fixing the PC version of the game is their “high priority.”

The studio has no ETA on when the issues will be solved, only offering promises to come. In a recent UK forum post, Ubisoft has explained the problems are being looked at carefully, but they have no fixes yet. UK forum manager Mr_Shade wrote:

We do not have an ETA at present, though they are working to get this fixed as a high priority.

I’m sorry, without [Ubisoft Montreal] completing their investigations and we have a working fix – and thing I say would only be a guess, so would rather say “no comment” – since I don’t want to mislead anyone either way.

Are you experiencing PC issues with Watch Dogs? I wish they would focus on all the problems, not just one version. I’ve yet to try the multiplayer modes on the PlayStation 4, as the UPlay servers have not worked since day one for me.

Watch Dogs is a mess, pure and simple, on the multiplayer home-front. UPlay is to blame, why won’t Ubisoft rid themselves of the horrible service like fans have been calling for for years!