South Park: The Stick Of Truth, Will Delays Mean A Port To Next-Gen?


First of all I want to express notification that I continue to label the PS4 and Xbox One as next-gen when they are actually current. However, given the fact significant amounts of gamers have yet to upgrade consoles in the last fortnight I am choosing to maintain the terminology until the gap in number of owners closes.

So any South Park fans out there will no doubt have seen the recent mini-series within this season devoted to the console war and Game Of Thrones and it’s actually very well placed marketing. Given the amount of setbacks the game has had after moving publishers and trying to get the game right it has had no fewer than three announced delays.

The Stick Of Truth is due for release on PS3 and Xbox 360 which is great if it would have come out when initially planned. It would have given plenty of time for fans to play and adore the title before replacing there systems with new shiny ones. However, given that we are now not due to see the game until early March 2014 would a next-gen port make sense? And would it actually be as difficult as everyone is making out in forums and blogs.


Would it make sense? – Yes certainly. Think about all of the other cross generation games we have already had and will still see after this games release. Titanfall is also coming to 360 and PC and Destiny is being developed for current and next-gen users. So why not South Park, the franchise is big enough, the game is hotly anticipated and won no less than 12 awards at E3.

Would it be too difficult? – Not in my eyes. Think about the thousands and thousands of people, developers, studios, PR teams that have told us for the last 6 months that the next-gen consoles are ‘built on PC architecture’….let that sink in. The game is coming out on PC…so how hard is it to port the PC version? Not very. Iv got a hunch that its ported PC versions of games like Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty we are playing on our new machines right now so South Park: Stick of Truth should be no different.

I’d love to see this happen, it’s one game I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time and if you are a long time fan of the show I highly suggest you invest an hour or so of your time in watching the last three episodes!