Square Enix E3 Line Up Briefing


Square Enix has announced the games they plan to showcase at E3 next week. They are promising “The future of Final Fantasy” along with a pretty healthy variety of other titles. Listed below is a heads up on everything the publisher is promising throughout the week,

Deus EX: The Fall

We saw some content of The Fall earlier this week. Square is taking the Deus Ex franchise to smart phones and tablets for the first time. The story line will pick up after the proceedings of the novel, Deus Ex: The Icarus Effect. The game looks great on the small screens, but we’ll have to wait until the conference to see how well it handles. You can, however, expect those cool gadgets and augments we saw in Deus Ex: Human Revolution to make an appearance.

Deus EX: Human Revolution Director’s Cut
Deus Ex

The Wii U will finally be getting its own version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and it’s aiming to be the pick of the liter. The game will include all of the DLCs of the original, as well as some graphic improvements. There will also be fixes for the boss battles as well as new online and gamepad features. Although this title is almost two years old, the publisher doesn’t seem to be done with it just quite yet.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
When Final Fantasy XIV was initially launched a few years back, it was met with so much criticism that Square Enix took it off the digital shelves. Now with a completely new client, server structure, and graphics engine the publisher is looking to give its MMO a fresh start. Players can also expect new terrain, content, and interface. The game has a set release for PS3 and PC, but many fans are hoping to hear next-gen announcements.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
final fantasy lightning

As the name indicates, Final Fantasy XIII’s central protagonist will be back in the latest addition to the series. The game promises a whole new level of customization as well as a new “Action-Oriented” combat system. The game will also include time sensitive missions and challenges, forcing players to make choices that will change the fate of characters in an apocalyptic setting.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD
After years of speculation and rumor Square finally announces the HD remake of one of the most beloved chapters in the franchise. The high-def revamp will be available on PS3 and PS Vita, with the PS3 version including an X-2 HD edition as well. We expect to see this title before the year is over.

Kingdom Hearts: HD 1.5 Remix

Kingdom Hearts is making its first appearance on consoles since the PS2. Kingdom Hearts: HD 1.5 Remix will release on the PS3, including fully remastered versions of Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts: Re Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Although this seems like the complete edition any fan could ask for, many are still hoping for the announcement of a brand new Kingdom Hearts title.

Mini Ninjas

The adorable action/adventure story is reborn on googleplay after its two installments on the Xbox 360. Although this title is already out, Square wants to show it off at the conference. No new information has been released on it as of yet.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect is, hands down, the freshest concept that the publisher has to offer. This supernatural thriller stars Ronan O’Connor, a detective who must take down his old killer, as he is stuck in the purgatory world known as Dusk. We saw the trailer for Murdered earlier this week, but fans are clamoring for more information. This title is presently set for an Xbox 360, PS3, and PC release.

Square Enix seems to have quite the spread prepared for the long week in Los Angeles. Although they aren’t holding a press conference, the publisher will be streaming all of the news via their Youtube Channel. Tune in next week to find out more.