Target accidentally ship Xbox One early


A few lucky folk have been sent orders of there Xbox One’s earlier than expected. 2 weeks earlier to be precise. And a representative from Target (US) confirmed to Kotaku today that the incident was caused by a ‘system error’.

The reason the incident occurred is believed to be down to Target not connecting a release date to the standard Xbox One, meaning that they have shipped stock as soon as it was delivered to the stores. Target however did remember to put release dates on the Day One Edition and that explains why nobody has received one.

The incident seems to have been caught relatively quickly and only a few consoles here and there have been shipped. However one East Coast store is believed to have shipped an entire batch, around 150 units.

Microsoft are currently in the process of ‘banning’ Xbox Live accounts trying to access the service early, however it is believed these bans won’t be permanent and have been put in place to deter early leaks of features and information.


Source: Kotaku