Telltale Making Game of Thrones Game


The VGX Awards have been and gone, but the announcements they made linger on. For example, how about Telltale’s Game of Thrones? How about, yes please!

Telltale Games are going to have a very busy 2014, considering they have The Walking Dead Season 2, The Wolf Among Us, a Borderlands game called Tales From the Borderlands (also announced at VGX) and now their very own Game of Thrones game.


As you can see in the above trailer, the tentative release date is just 2014, so don’t start holding your breath. I personally wouldn’t be surprised if it was Winter 2014, similar to The Walking Dead Season 2 this year, which will be released December 17. And you can’t pass up on the opportunity to make a “Winter is Coming” joke.

While a lot of VGX was a bit of a let down, this announcement is all I need to make me excited. Suddenly I have a most anticipated game of next year, and all we know about it is… Well, nothing really.


In this interview during VGX, Dan Connors readily admits that they aren’t sure what direction the game will be taking, or even what characters will appear.

Telltale Games have been on somewhat of a hot streak lately, becoming one of the greatest developers around. Here’s hoping they can keep that up. They better…

Are you a huge Game of Thrones fan? Or are you a Song of Ice and Fire fan (word to my literary bros out there)? More importantly, are you looking forward to this game?

And remember guys, the night is dark and full of terrors.