Microsoft’s New Console Named Xbox Infinity


Recently reported by Gamespot, International Business Times has confirmed Microsoft’s next console will be named Xbox Infinity. Since a post on Reddit revealed the unofficial image of the next Xbox, rumors have been running rampant as to whether it will be confirmed as legitimate. Thus far, this has been our most trusted glance behind the curtain of what is to come.

According to a blog post by Paul Thurrott, Microsoft plans to release the Infinity this November along side Sony’s PS4 (they plan to keep the race very tight). The core model of the console will be priced at $500; another model, most likely a scaled down version, will be available for $300. Those who purchase the $300 model will be locked into a two year Xbox Live contract, priced at $10 a month. For those that have already started doing the math, that is roughly $540 spent over the the course of the two years.

The reveal of the Infinity on May 21st will be Microsoft’s first of three press events leading up to E3 in Los Angeles. Early next month the company will reveal a slew of launch titles including Rise, a Forza racing game and the new Call of Duty: Ghosts title among many others. During a third conference in San Francisco, Microsoft most likely will provide more information related to new titles, hardware, requirements relating to “always online gameplay” and third party developers. There may even be a surprise (or tease) debuted at one or both of the latter events.

For those that were wondering what would be the response of Sony’s biggest rival, your questions may have just been answered. Although this is still loose speculation at this point, the details look to be much more tangible prior to such breaking news. Do you think all our questions will be answered with the planned conferences Microsoft will be holding? Let us know in the comment section below. If these new details hold any water after May’s big event, the battle for E3 will be a lot more interesting.