The OUYA Finally Gets An Official Release Date!


The wait is (almost) finally over, folks! IGN reports the much-anticipated OUYA console system is set to launch this summer; more specifically, on June 4th. Oh, and don’t let the size of this special piece of machinery fool you. The OUYA will have a library loaded with a plethora of games (104 to be exact) and apps that include Twitch TV, Crunchyroll , VEVO and iHeartRadio.

This innovative console of Kickstarter fame has received rave reviews for its simple design and potential to revolutionize the future of the gaming industry. Given the recent and successful trend of the Indie games market, the OUYA couldn’t have arrived at a better time. It offers developers, both new and seasoned in the gaming industry, the opportunity to create memorable experiences, affordable for both the player and creator. Notable companies like Double Fine and Square Enix are among the 8,000 different developers ready to hop into the lab to conjure up some gaming magic.

Those that helped OUYA surpass the 1 million dollar goal with an impressive 8.5 million dollars in funding will receive their units first (you know who you are, lucky people). The rest of us will have to wait for shipment to arrive on store shelves in Best Buy, GameStop, Target and online retailer

So let’s hear it, folks. Will you be buying the OUYA console? If so, what will you be using it for? Playing new IPs, ┬ádeveloping the next amazing Indie classic or both? Let your voices be heard in the comment section below. If you’ll excuse me, I have a console to pre-order.