The Sims 4 Will Feature Offline Play


EA has learned from the recently launch mess of SimCity from March of this year. EA Labels President Frank Gibeau is not upset about the situation, instead the publisher has learned from it. In fact The Sims 4 will feature offline play thanks to the city-builder.

According to Gibeau:

In the last few months, we have started making changes to the business practices that gamers clearly don’t like. In the spring, we dropped our online pass program for consoles – both next-generation and current-generation.

We listened to the feedback on SimCity and decided that The Sims 4 would be built as a single-player, offline experience. We announced some new intellectual properties at E3 and will unveil more new games in the months ahead.

This news come just after the announcement that SimCity has sold over 2 million units, quite an accomplishment that many more than likely didn’t see coming.

The Sims 4 will be released sometime in early 2014 for the PC. The Sims games generally get released on consoles as well, as of now no console version has been announced. A next-gen Sims game would more than likely sell quite well, the series is a guilty pleasure of many after all. Check back for more info on The Sims 4.

Source: Gameranx