Titanfall Has Been Tough To Market Without Single-Player, Says Respawn


Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has had a tough time marketing their upcoming Sci-Fi first-person shooter, due to the lack of a single-player game mode. Producer Drew McCoy made the claim, shedding some light on the matter.

Titanfall was recently announced to only support 12 players online, which really isn’t a huge deal. But the Internet has erupted with fans in outrage. In a post on NeoGAF, McCoy wrote:

Its actually been really tough trying to accurately market Titanfall. If you look at what we’ve done, its a lot different than what most FPS games do. Without a bunch of highly scripted SP moments to recam from different angles, the usual ‘movie like’ trailer is just about right out.

Instead, we’ve decided to show unedited gameplay segments that last 3-5 minutes (so far – more footage coming, of course!) to show the “flow” of the game. Starting as a Pilot, taking on AI and other player Pilots, wall running around a Titan, earning your Titan, climbing in, battling other Titans while stomping on humans, ejecting, etc. There’s a huge amount of gameplay mechanics available at any one time, and encompassing them in a few minutes is actually quite hard to do.

Its also why we took an extremely early pre-alpha build of the game to events like Gamescom, PAX, etc. to let normal dudes hands-on time with the game. There’s no amount of polished marketing that can replace playing the actual game.

McCoy did touch on the subject of the player count announced for Titanfall. He said:

What about high player counts makes that more fun, though? I honestly want to know, because this kind of stuff is super important and we obsess over it every day.

Titanfall looks just fine with 6v6 gameplay, we here at 6aming cannot wait to strap into our mech suits and dominate online.

Source: OXM