Top 5 Let Downs of 2013


With 2013 well and truly behind us I wanted to take a look at five titles which in my opinion really didn’t live up to expectations and hype.

5. Battlefield 4.


Last years installment was plagued by issues on every platform it came too. It’s crazy to think a company the size of EA can’t resolve server issue’s sooner and that we still have to put up with subpar unfinished games being thrown out of the gate. Battlefield 4 needed much more testing and several patches and tweaks should have happened before it went on general release. I only hope they learn from these errors and future instalments will be complete before launch.

4. WWE 2K14


Wrestling simulators don’t come much better than the Yukes created games. Smackdown!, Smackdown VS Raw and so on and with 2K picking up the franchise we had high hopes for improvements across the board, graphically and mechanically. For how good Yukes are there are always bugs and the graphics engine had been pushed to the limits a good while back. Sad to say this felt like WWE 14 with no hint of 2K being deserved unlike the recent NBA 2K14 which is by and far the best game of the series to date. Hopefully by the time this years instalment hits shelves we could be in for a real treat, the only saving grace this year was 30 years of Wrestlemania.

3. Aliens: Colonial Marines


This one speaks for itself. Everyone expected the Aliens game which fans deserved and what they got was a bad Call Of Duty rip off which handles terribly and looks awful.

2. Call of Duty: Ghosts



I first played Ghosts a month before launch at the EB games Expo and I was impressed, I went along with the hype, I went to launch night and it was also a day one purchase for my XBONE…so why is it a let down? Longevity. I made the same mistake with MW3 believed the hype and got bored very quickly, I thought this year would be different but again I have quickly lost interest. Treyarch seem to have something Infinity Ward don’t and that something keeps me going back day after day, week after week and Ghosts just doesn’t. I refused to believe Titanfall will knock Call of Duty off its perch but now I kind of hope it does, Infinity Ward have a lot of work to do, many believe they haven’t done a decent game since MW2 and personally I think they have suffered since CoD 4. Can’t wait to see what Treyarch do on next gen but I have been fooled for years by Infinity Ward’s hype machine and this time really is the last.

1. South Park: The Stick Of Truth


Why is it my biggest let down? Because it never came out! It had two different release dates for 2013 and didn’t meet either. Whilst more development time is good so they can iron out issues (much the same as Watch Dogs) missing two dates has left many fans saddened. We have a date for 2014 and I really hope its 3rd time is lucky, I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

2014 is going to be an interesting one for the industry and for now at least we can say…its under way.