Top Ten: The Best Internets to come from the PS4 Launch


Staying up to date on video game news is hard. I know because it’s my job. So when something major happens like the PS4 comes out and subsequently turns out to be either a $400 brick or the next great gaming console, how do you possibly keep up with the explosion of internet news, Youtube videos, and memes that inevitably follow?

You do nothing, because I have taken the liberty of compiling everything right here for you. Below are the ten most entertaining links attached to the PS4’s launch. You don’t have to miss a thing.


Sony’s answer to the BLOD

If you bought a PS4, you may have experienced the Blue light of Death, a flashing blue light that indicates that your PS4 isn’t working and may never work. The console flashes the light and does nothing else. It is a $400 paperweight.

Here’s all Sony has to say about it: Advice

And for you TL;DR guys, basically it just says ‘make sure everything is plugged in, then turn the system on and off. If it’s still not working, call us.’ You’ll notice that this is the same advice you’ll get from every tech support guy ever. Of course, you shouldn’t be too worried because…


The BLOD isn’t that big a deal

According to this article from, Sony released the stats on how many BLOD’s they think are out there, and that number is 0.4%, or 4,000 out of the 1 Million PS4’s sold at launch day (Sony may have made this up). So then what’s with all of the reports of broken consoles on Amazon getting 1-star reviews? Clearly…


It’s all Amazon’s fault

We here at have talked about the poor reviews the PS4 has been getting on Amazon.

Does it mean the PS4 is a dud and the media’s not reporting it? Could there be a band of zealous XB1 fans creating fake product reviews in the name of their system? Apparently, no. signs point to Amazon employees being awful at their job.

Basically, this:



How great would it be if Sony, in all their techno superiority, couldn’t fix their new super console, but some random dude on the internet can figure it out in two days?

Of course, this is completely unconfirmed, but this guy claims to have solved his own BLOD and has instructions for others. If this is a lie, it’s a lie, plain and simple, but I so want this to be true. If you have a BLOD on your PS4, let me know if this works in the comments.


A Gangsta feels child-like wonder

This entire clip is like watching two kids at Christmas, but about two minutes in is the absolute best moment when the comedy Gods align:

No matter how you feel about professional almost-comedian Jimmy Fallon, This clip of him and his guest, Ice-T, experiencing the PS4 for the first time is completely magical. Obviously, neither of the two celebrities are gamers, but that only makes this clip better. Watch from 2 minutes in and you’ll see Ice-T interacting with the motion-controlled demo robots, kicking them around with a look of, “yeah, they’re jiggling, that’s pretty cool.” Then he kicks one, it sticks to the screen, and all he can do is look at the crowd in disbelief. This is a video recording of someone’s mind being blown.


Playing nice

According to this article from Game Informer, you can hook up your PS4 to your XB1 and use both simultaneously. I don’t know or understand what benefits this offers, especially since you would still only be a single human with a single TV and we cannot even confirm this until the XB1 launches. However, I can understand how this set-up would appeal to the “fan-fiction of forbidden romance” crowd.


Turning profit

Keeping tabs on the console wars means knowing who’s making the most scratch, and this article from Forbes shows that Sony is off to a great start. Due to their use of more standard PC technology, the PS4 is actually making an $18 profit per unit sold, before shipping costs. While that doesn’t seem like much, understand that each PS3 was sold at a $300 loss, with profit expected to be made through games licensing and services.


Everyone: Summarized

If you couldn’t wait in line for the launch party and feel like you missed out on the experience, then just click right here.This collection essentially describes every character you would run into at an industry launch, but with less profanity.


Professional trolls

Trigger warning: for some hardcore fanboys this may be hard to watch.

For everyone else, or anyone who has ever been to a launch event, tell me the thought of doing this hasn’t crossed your mind. I wish this was a full video so I could see the crowd reactions.



Finally, Pornhub uses sex puns to announce that they fully support the PS4.

Add your own jokes, censorship discouraged.