Undead Labs Talks PC Port of State of Decay


Undead Labs recently discussed the PC release of their zombie-survival game State of Decay in a livestream via Twitch.TV. From what the developers were discussing the game will be a basic port of the XBLA version.

The PC version of State of Decay will feature all the usual PC features one would expect with a port; enhanced graphics, higher resolutions, and improved framerates. This is all very basic stuff, no new game features or content will be thrown into the already fantastic world.

Developer Undead Labs also revealed that State of Decay will not include any modding tools for the game. But they have stated they are okay with fans releasing mods on their own. Good thing the PC community is known for its ability to mod almost any game, as their content will be the only new content coming.

The PC version of State of Decay will be released later this year, Undead Labs has not confirmed a specific date or whether or not they will be launching through Steam’s Early Access. An early version of the game will be released as a controller-only version, those wanting keyboard and mouse controls will need to wait a little longer.

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