Videogame Downtime: An exhausting year for the industry


It has been a long year, it seems to have lasted forever, the industry has given us some of the shining stars of the last generation along with massive hype about the new one. The year has given us huge changes, moments of shock and awe and of course the odd disappointment.

Looking back to February when still residing in the UK a massive buzz around the next-gen fell upon with Sony announcing PS4…all be it without actually showing us it. In the following months Microsoft showed us the XBOX One and subsequently p****** everyone off. Leading us toward E3 the predictable all happened with announcement and trailers for the years ‘blockbusters’ and yearly titles showing off what they would be doing ‘different.’ Then came E3 where we actually got to see the PS4 hardware and Microsoft backtracked faster than Don Mattrick’s following exit.

With all the hype happening around what to expect this year people were also busy playing games which were landing on shelves such as The Last Of Us and e-sports seemed to grow even more with every passing week with Twitch TV and MLG smashing previous records. By the time summer arrived only one thing was on everybody’s wait list, GTA V. Then when it arrived it smashed sales records worldwide. It was plagued by online issues and then more titles came flooding out of the gates, Beyond: Two Souls, Batman: Arkham Origins and Pokemon X&Y.


As we neared the launch of the PS4 and XBOX One we were flooding with comparisons and this will be better than that and this looks better than that…frankly it got tiring and by the time the systems launched rather than feeling excitement many felt more allegiance to their chosen system seemingly to prove a point.

November rolled around and Call of Duty sprang on us in its now typical fashion. Along with Assassins Creed and Battlefield. Then it was time, we had been building up since February, (Mario 3D World applies here too) next-gen consoles. More power, new features, new games, something fresh…

At least that’s what we thought we would get . In the midst of all the hype many (myself included) forgot that with a new generation comes a distinct lack of content, whilst games for the most part function well and do look significantly better than PS3 and XBOX 360 counterparts it’s still a lot of the same. Many features which were available on last gen seem missing on the new consoles and it makes little to no sense. Just over 4 weeks since launch and I have pretty much exhausted the XBOX One’s content. I find myself craving indie titles from the XBOX Live arcade and all-nighters in Diablo III and psychopathic behavior in GTA V. Many asked and are still asking the question ‘should I wait for next gen’ and the answer is still dependant on the individual. Are you going to miss out on experiencing the new shiny tech first? Yes, but in honesty we are still waiting for that killer game. No doubt the foundations have been laid for an epic 2014 on both consoles, oh and Steam machines are coming too!

steam machine

As we see ourselves nearing the end of the year one thing is for sure, its been a great year for the industry. Another certainty is that we should see the same quality in the year to come. But for now and the next couple of months we all need to enjoy some downtime, stop waiting for the next big thing and enjoy all of the quality that this year has brought to us.


I’m still not done with Diablo III, GTA V, Beyond: Two Souls, The Last Of Us, The Walking Dead, Dead Space 3 or Assassins Creed 4, I even have to go back to spend some time with Deadpool and Dishonored and that is an awful lot keep me going until Thief, South Park: Stick of Truth and Titanfall in Q1 of next year.

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Diablo 3 xbox