“I Want To See Another Crackdown,” Says Cope


Crackdown 2 producer James Cope has reflect on the legacy of the franchise and the team since the game’s launch, also discussing a Crackdown 3. While speaking with Eurogamer, Cope suggest the studio’s tenure with the open-world game was the fault.

Cope explained that their upcoming title Game of Glens received backlash regarding Crackdown 2 because it wasn’t like the original enough. He said:

Yes, there was a backlash to begin with, and we struggled to get over that backlash, but fair enough. That’s what fans are like. In some ways I agree with them. I want to see another Crackdown as well. I really do.

Cope was asked about the difficult development of Crackdown 2, in which he replied:

It was a real shame with Crackdown 2. It was such a mixed reception. It was a hard development for us, but we’re really proud of it. I can’t describe how much we put into that game and how hard we worked for it.

The fact it came out at all was a miracle. When you see a team working to get something done like that, it really is the best thing about games, even though it’s unbelievably hard work and pretty much damaging to your health and sanity. Do we wish it would have been better? Yeah, of course we do. We’d happily do more to make that game a bigger success….

Would you like to see a Crackdown 3? I know I would. Let us know in the comments below.