Wii Fit U: Progress Report


Wii Fit U is the successor to the successful Wii Fit fitness game released on, no duh, the Nintendo Wii. Now with this being the direct successor that means there, technically, should be more content this time around–and there is. Now this will not be a traditional review as to really put Wii Fit U to the test we have to see if using the software truly helps with fitness goals by providing weekly progress reports: losing weight, achieving a better sense of balance, or increasing one’s cardio. So with that out of the way, let’s start off with the most unique part of this game, the Fit Meter.

The Fit Meter’s main purpose is continue one’s fitness routine while the software is not in use. The meter acts as a more advanced pedometer as it not only tracks the amount calories burned, based on the amount of steps taken, but it also tracks incline and METs to provide a more accurate reading. On my first day using the meter I burned about 327 calories and that was just from doing my normal Friday activities–mainly through work and doing chores; as of this progress report I burned another 82 calories today. This allows for an easier way to keep track of calorie intake and burned calories.

The Fit Meter has a basic, monochromatic display that displays your Mii, steps, and calories.  It’s not pretty to look at, but it will be hung from your waist all day so does it really matter?  You also can import the data logged on the meter into Wii Fit U so you can constantly keep record of your overall fitness. One last cool thing about the meter: if you already own a Balance Board, buy the meter and you can get the full version of Wii Fit U for free!

Again, this is not a full review but a weekly progress report; it will lead to an overall review at the end. Come back next week for more on Wii Fit U!