Wii U Fit Coming First Half of 2013 To North America


Nintendo has officially announced that Wii Fit U will launch in North America sometime within the first half of 2013. The game will be packaged along with a Fit Meter, which is like an electronic pedometer.

The Fit Meter will be a small, circular electronic device that comes in white with a lime green outline to it. The Wii U logo is centered at the top above a small screen showing your Mii and some health information. These include your current heart rate and the current amount of steps taken. The device looks like an old tamagotchi pet that kids used to play with in the 90’s.

The original Wii Fit was a great selling “game” for the Wii, getting people to care more about their health while playing video games. The premise is good and the technology works well on the consoles. Hopefully this new one keeps up to standards with the first.