Wii U Google Maps, TiVo, Netflix Delayed


The Wii U was supposed to get itself some big name apps for the console, these included such things as TiVo, Netflix, and Google Maps. None of these have appeared yet however.

Now it has been announced via Engadget that TiVo and Netflix, which were supposed to be included in Tvii, will be delayed beyond January to an unknown time in “early 2013”. Nintendo did say that both features are definitely planned for the United States consoles.

Google Maps and Street View have also been delayed after being given a January 2013 launch. These two features should be seen by Wii U users sometime in the first quarter of 2013. Both have been tailored to the Wii U’s GamePad for ease of use.

Things don’t seem to be looking too well for Nintendo after releasing their Wii U sales disappointment and now the delays for some of their features. If that weren’t hard enough on the company, they also have two updates coming later this year that should help optimize the console’s hardware.