Wii U Pro will not work on Wii Games


The Wii U may be able to play original Wii titles, but the new controlling being designed for the Wii U, the Wii U Pro, will not be able to play your favorite Wii games. So hang on to your old Wii controllers if you want to be able to play some older games.

Sadly you will have to shell out some more money if you want to be able to play Wii U games with some friends. So far the Wii U controllers are looking to cause more headaches than they help. Besides the limit of Wii gaming with the controllers, the Wii U itself will only support two of the gamepads, this means a lot of turn taking will exist.

Some goods news about the controller however is Nintendo has boasted the battery life will last around 80 hours on a single charge, almost four times more than that of the Xbox 360 or PS3 controllers.

So for those looking to play Wii games on their brand new Wii U’s, you should probably bring an extra $20 USD for a Wii Classic Controller Pro as well. Not a bad price for a controller now a days, but still an inconvenience.