Wii U Virtual Console Coming in the Future


Nintendo has plans to release the Virtual Console for the new Wii U sometime in the future, this was confirmed by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. Until then players will not be able to play Virtual Console titles using the Wii U GamePad.

Iwata stated “We understand that there are people who were looking to play Wii games, Virtual Console games, and so forth on the GamePad, but unfortunately we cannot accommodate those users’ expectations.”

Right now gamers can play Virtual Console games on their Wii U, but it requires you to put the system into Wii mode, and then you may only use Wii controllers that Nintendo has accepted for use on the system.

This is something that players were hoping to have been implemented into the system by launch, but sadly that is not the case. So as of now we will have to just sit and wait for Nintendo to add support for the Virtual Console games. At least they are still playable using the Wii controllers and not completely barred from the new system.