Will Wright “Some people just want CoD”


Not every game is a breathtaking experience set in an imaginary world that you haven’t ever seen before, and not all players want that. In a recent interview with NowGamer, Will Wright (creator of SimCity and many other genre-defining games) spoke about the many diverse faces of the gaming industry, and gamers in general. From iPhone and Android games to AAA titles, the all-encompassing term “video games” no longer covers even a portion of the industry.

“You’re going to have certain areas that are unexplored and people are going to start making themselves go and explore them, and you know there will be some saturation point,” Wright says. “…something that’s open and creative or World War II shooters, but then that genre or group or theme might grow over time. It might just be that the killer app hasn’t been made in that area, or the stuff there doesn’t really hit the sweet spot.”

That being said, not every new game has to be groundbreaking. Wright goes on, “I think some people do just want to sit back and have a very familiar and comfortable experience, they want to play Call of Duty. I don’t think every game has to be necessarily pushing the envelope.”

This isn’t the game developer’s decision, though. It’s the game players themselves. “It’s a chicken and egg thing, really. At first all the games [we would make were] really catering to 16-year-old boys because those were the only people buying games. I think we’re kind of in that process now of having brought in a lot of new people to gaming and now those people are starting to explore different kinds of games.”

The multiple types of gamers that exist these days will be a good thing for the industry in the long run, pushing them to create newer and better products. More consumers means more goods, and nothing makes supply and demand work better than having a dedicated demand for every one of your supplies.