World of Warcraft Patch 5.3 Details


Blizzard has released the official patch notes for upcoming World of Warcraft patch 5.3, dubbed “Escalation.” The update will include four new Scenarios with a Heroic mode and a brand new loot specialization feature for players to enjoy.

Blizzard recently posted the patch notes on their official website for the entire community to view. From the looks of some of the comments not everyone is happy with the changes. Changes like the nerfing of rogues, that has seen some outrage among more than a few sneaky players out there.

Patch 5.3 ‘Escalation’ will include four all-new scenarios –Blood in the Snow, Dark Heart of Pandaria, Secrets of Ragefire, and Battle on the High Seas– as well as a new heroic difficulty mode for each.

The new loot specialization feature mentioned above will allow players to handle off-spec loot drops. Allowing players to get their hands on more loot easier.

Since it is a new patch it also include some tweaking of the game mechanics and all the background beauty running the game. These will include bug fixes, class balancing, pet battles, and a few changes to the PvP system.

It was recently announced that World of Warcraft subscriptions had dropped to 8.3 million, for most MMOs this would be a massive problem, but in WoW there is always more players and more coming in all the time. Blizzard has vowed to release more frequent updates to prevent further migration of players and bring in new ones.