Xbox One Achievements Color Coded For Each Player


No longer will players be confused by achievements, if any ever were. Microsoft has confirmed that players will be able to color code their achievements to be able to better discern whose achievement it is while multiple players are logged onto the Xbox One.

In a recent Twitch demonstration of Powerstar Golf, a green-blue achievement is unlocked, popping up at the bottom of the screen for the player. This left many to wonder if the color had been changed as it was previously a dark green on the Xbox One.

Microsoft Corporate Vice President Aaron Greenberg took to Twitter to confirm and clear this up, saying achievements will be available in a player’s “chosen color.” The Xbox One will allow six people to be logged into the console locally at any time, this could get confusing if achievements were popping up at random. Microsoft did not say how many colors would be offered.

The Xbox 360 has a system kind of like this, but a little more confusing overall. With multiple people logged onto the 360 the achievement will pop up and the Xbox logo will have one of its quadrants lit up.

The Xbox One launches next month, November 22nd.